Accessibility & Special Needs

Bayshore Community Hospital is dedicated to accommodating the special needs of all of our patients.

Our staff members will do their best to assist your family in whatever physical or language barriers you may face in order to fully participate in the patient's care. Please discuss any special needs you or child may have with your nurse.  

Some of the ways we can meet special needs include the following:

  • Telecommunications devices for the deaf (TDD/TYY) are available to facilitate communications. Flashing, visual ringing devices and amplifiers are available for your telephone. In addition, easy-to-read, large-numbered phones are obtainable upon request.

  • Translators for a variety of languages are available within the Hospital. You can access the list of available staff by contacting your nurse for information.

  • Alarms that give off flashing lights to alert the hearing impaired of a fire are available in certain areas of the Hospital. For the visually impaired and hearing impaired, the Hospital also provides a vibrating alarm.

  • Signs indicating room numbers, elevators, bathrooms, and exits are raised and written in Braille. Additionally, there is an ATM machine on the ground floor with raised numbers.

  • All entrances are equipped with electronic doors and wheelchair access ramps. Public bathrooms, elevators, and water fountains are also wheelchair accessible. 

  • Handicapped parking is available near all entrances to the Hospital. Disabled individuals may also use our valet parking service, when available, free of charge.