Harry M. Poppick Medical Library

About the Harry M. Poppick Medical Library

The Harry M. Poppick Medical Library at Bayshore Community Hospital is stocked with a collection of medical and nursing books and references. Not only does it serve the Hospital staff, but the Library also has a new Consumer Health collection that is open to patients, their families and the public. This collection includes books on topics such as cancer, heart disease, asthma, mental health, diabetes, pregnancy, children's health, arthritis and nutrition.

Consumer Health Collection
The Library subscribes to the following consumer health magazines and Magazines:

  • Arthritis Self-Management
  • Cleveland Clinic Heart Advisor
  • Coping with Cancer
  • Coping with Allergies and Asthma
  • Cure: Cancer Updates, Research and Education
  • Diabetes Self-Management
  • FDA Consumer
  • Harvard Men's Health Watch
  • Harvard Mental Health Letter
  • Harvard Women's Health Watch
  • Johns Hopkins Medical Letter: Health After 50
  • MAMM: Women, Cancer & Community
  • Mayo Clinic Health Letter
  • Natural Health
  • Tufts Health and Nutrition Letter

Online Catalog
Members of the community in the area Bayshore serves may borrow books from the Consumer Health Collection. Call 732-888-7377 for details.

Computers connected to the Internet are also available for consumer health searches. The Library is staffed by only one librarian, so you may wish to call ahead and schedule an appointment if you would like assistance in finding consumer health information.

It is not the intention of the Harry M. Poppick Medical Library to provide specific medical advice, but rather to provide users with information to better understand their health. Do not act or rely upon any of the resources and information in the Library or through this Internet site without first consulting your professional health care provider. In addition, the Library provides access to Internet links as a convenience to users, but neither the Library nor Bayshore Community Hospital endorses, warrants or guarantees the information, products or services which may be described at these other Internet sites.