Press Release

For Immediate Release
Jun 30, 2010
Contact : Tom Paolella, Public Relations Manager  

Bayshore Community Hospital Receives Grant to Enhance Ongoing H1N1 Efforts


Holmdel, NJ - Bayshore Community Hospital has enhanced its ability to respond to the H1N1 virus and any other emerging infectious diseases thanks to special grant monies from the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services (DHSS).

Bayshore Community Hospital used the grant money from the DHSS to purchase a portable shelter that holds up to five patients and three staff members. The use of the shelter will help reduce the spread of the H1N1 flu virus to unexposed patients being treated for other illnesses and/or injuries in Bayshore's Emergency Department. Properly protected staff will be able to treat patients who may be displaying symptoms of the flu virus, or patients that are incapacitated from the flu virus can be housed comfortably.

"The portable shelter provides a protected environment where patients who are experiencing flu-like symptoms can be treated by an experienced healthcare provider and released without being exposed to other patients in our emergency department. If their symptoms require in-patient hospitalization, Bayshore has implemented a plan where they will be transported with little exposure to others," explains Mike Bussiculo, corporate director of Safety and Security and Emergency Management Education coordinator at Bayshore Community Health Services. "We want our community to know that they can rely on the Bayshore organization to be prepared for this and other events that may occur during a regional, statewide or national disaster or crises."

Along with the portable shelter received from the DHSS, Bayshore has purchased additional equipment which will also be utilized in managing the care of patients during an outbreak of H1N1 including: portable air scrubbers, which remove contaminants from any indoor area, vital sign monitors, electronic thermometers and a laptop computer.