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Total Joint Replacement

Normally, our bodies are supposed to provide us with smooth, pain-free movement. However, as we age, our bodies undergo change, and sometimes this results in joint or spine problems. This type of pain is not only uncomfortable, but prevents you from doing the everyday activities you enjoy. If you are experiencing pain as a result of over use, sprains, fractures, or arthritis, and have been unable to find relief through non-surgical treatments such as injections/medications, or physical therapy, joint replacement or spine surgery may be right for you.

Just as no two patients are alike, no two surgeries are exactly the same. That is why at the new Joint and Spine Center at Bayshore Community Hospital, our team of expert physicians and clinicians work closely with you from diagnosis through treatment and recovery in order to meet the unique medical and lifestyle needs of each patient.

Common Causes of Joint Pain

Common causes of joint pain are often a result of over use, sprains, fractures and arthritis. In order to determine the best treatment option for your joint pain, it is important to familiarize yourself with the usual causes and symptoms associated with joint pain, as well as understand your options in maintaining healthy bones and joints.

10 Steps to Consider Before Joint Surgery

Total Joint Replacement at Bayshore

Total Expertise

Our Center is home to an expert and experienced team made up of board certified orthopedic and spine surgeons, many of whom use minimally invasive techniques when possible, to provide a number of patient benefits, including shorter hospital stays, less post-operative pain, and reduced incidence of post-surgical complication. Our surgeons are accompanied by a team of pain specialists, and certified operating room nurses and surgical technicians.

Physicians Affiliated with the Joint and Spine Center

Total Package

For many patients, the road to treatment and recovery for joint replacement or spine surgery seems overwhelming, but at the new Joint and Spine Center at Bayshore, your journey back to mobility is not a solo effort. With the help of our program coordinator, you and your family will be guided through the transitions of pre-operative education, surgery, physical therapy, rehabilitation, and your return home.

Our pre-operative program is a unique pre-admission experience designed for joint replacement and spine surgery patients, offering a comprehensive, personalized, and convenient approach to all pre-operative testing and education.

As a patient or guest of Bayshore, you also have access to private patient rooms and Concierge Care, a free service designed to provide assistance with non-clinical needs. We even offer a special menu of services to cater to the unique needs of our surgical patients, including information about home food delivery services, pet walking, lawn and household cleaning services, and more for your return home.

Total Care

Rehabilitation: The Full Continuum of Care

After surgery you may go home from the hospital and directly to an outpatient physical therapy facility, have physical therapy in your home, or you may need to go to a facility where you stay overnight and have daily therapy. Whatever your needs are we will work with you and your family to find a facility that will help reach your maximum level of independence, and meet your unique needs.

As part of the Meridian Health family, Bayshore provides coordinated access to Meridian rehabilitation facilities in Monmouth and Ocean counties, or in your home through Meridian At Home. So no matter where you live in the area, our team can provide the rehabilitative care you need.

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People are enjoying longer and more active lifestyles through a variety of ways. Your Meridian Health team is committed to helping you maintain this health. That’s why we have developed educational programs that focus on wellness and ways to protect your bone and joint health. Learn more, hear stories from patients, meet our movement experts, and more.

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