Considerations Before Surgery

Although advances in surgery give patients a number of options when it comes to their surgery, we understand that sometimes more options makes the task of choosing surgery overwhelming. No matter where you choose to go for your surgery here are a few important things patients should keep in mind when contemplating and operation:

Pick the right doctor

Many studies reveal that surgeons with additional specialized training perform operations with lower complication rates. Additionally, surgeons who perform operations very frequently and have treated more patients will generally be able to complete operations through smaller incisions.

Conduct research when choosing a doctor, and ask questions to find out where they went to school, how many patients they see a year, and how many times they have completed your particular procedure.

Understand the benefit of minimally invasive surgery to your condition.

Surgeons in nearly every field can use minimally-invasive techniques in surgery. Talk to you doctor and find out how they will conduct your surgery and why they have chosen that option.

Make an informed choice of where to have your surgery.

Conduct your own research to learn about hospitals and facilities available to you, get to know the doctors and team members who will be caring for you, as well as your options for any post-operative care, education, or rehabilitation you may need after.

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