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For Immediate Release
Aug 25, 2010
Contact : Tom Paolella, Public Relations Manager  

Hazlet Man Benefits From Extraordinary Efforts of Bayshore Wound Care Center® Staff


Holmdel, NJ - Joseph Turner wasn't planning on retiring in 2009, but he was forced to leave the job he loved in order to focus on something much more important – his health. The path to the Hazlet resident's recovery has been a long one, but thanks to the extraordinary medical team at Bayshore Community Hospital's Wound Care Center®, it is now filled with hope.

Turner's medical crisis began in May 2009 when he underwent scheduled gastric bypass surgery at a North Jersey hospital. The surgery appeared routine and he was discharged and sent home. Home for two days, Turner, 59, experienced major abdominal pains and was rushed to Bayshore Community Hospital. Turner was septic and experiencing severe stomach pain so time was of the essence. For the next seven months, he was in and out of hospitals in the tri-state area for treatment of various complications including multiple wounds, infections and kidney failure. During this time both Turner and his wife began to lose hope not knowing what to expect next.

"We were emotionally drained," explained Dian Turner, Joe's wife and partner for the past 16 years. "Joe had so many complications we didn't know if he'd ever get better." The Turners' outlook changed after he was admitted to Bayshore Community Hospital this past winter. "It was at this time Joe was referred to Dr. Franklin Hernando, and the wonderful staff at Bayshore Wound Care Center® for pressure wounds that wouldn't heal properly. Our lives took a turn for the better," she noted.

The staff of Bayshore Wound Care Center® customized a wound care treatment and management plan that has put Turner on track for recovery. According to Bonnie Schwartz, RN, BSN, clinical coordinator of Bayshore Wound Care Center®, "Our interdisciplinary team of specially trained physicians and nurses is dedicated to treating all types of wounds. It's all we do and it's what we do well," she added. "We provide a universal team approach that aims to achieve one goal. That goal is a patient's recovery," Schwartz said. Turner had multiple wounds that weren't healing correctly. When developing his care plan, the team evaluated his wounds and his physical and emotional well-being, while being mindful of his varied medical issues including weekly dialysis treatments and the need for future cardiac bypass surgery. "Each care plan designed is patient-specific, just like Mr. Turner's plan," Schwartz said.

This regimen has significantly benefited Turner. Each week the medical team works to heal his pressure wounds utilizing a variety of treatment options such as debridment to remove unhealthy tissue and vacuum-controlled assisted closure (VAC) therapy, a system that uses controlled negative pressure to promote wound healing. The use of topical antibiotics was also needed to help Turner's wounds repair. "It is our job to get the wounds healed and closed," Schwartz said. "Once this happens, Mr. Turner can then move forward to focus on the next phase of his recovery."

Not only has Turner's health improved, but so has his emotional well-being. According to his wife, her husband looks forward to Tuesdays at Bayshore Wound Care Center®. "As crazy as it sounds, coming to the Wound Care Center is one of the highlights of our week. The staff is unbelievable. They are compassionate, knowledgeable and skillful. They're also super friendly. They make us feel like family and we consider them family, too," Mrs. Turner added. She commends all staff involved in her husband's care. "They have given us a renewed faith in the practice of medicine which in turn has allowed us to hope again for Joe's future."

"Our experience with Joe's illness has changed our lives forever," Mrs. Turner continued. "I almost lost him after his surgery, but prayers, faith and extraordinary medical care at Bayshore Wound Care Center® have helped us," she explained. "We've been through a life shattering ordeal. Still, we've been blessed in having some very special individuals enter our lives during our time of need." There is no doubt in the Turners' minds that Dr. Hernando and nurses Bonnie Schwartz, Donna Cuthill and Nancy Cullen were meant to help them. "We are fortunate to be in their care. They put the 'care' in the role of caregiver," she commented.

"We use the motto: the right time, the right product, for the right wound. When you have a skillful, sensitive, efficient and focused staff, it can only equate to a winning day for each and every patient. That is our focus when caring for Mr. Turner and each patient at Bayshore Wound Care Center®. It is part of the formula of our success," Schwartz explained.

Bayshore Wound Care Center® is a comprehensive outpatient facility dedicated to caring for people with wounds, especially those that have resisted healing. Wound care treatment is designed to enhance, not replace, care received from a patient's primary care physician. If you are in need of specialized treatment for a wound that will not heal, treatment is available at Bayshore Wound Care Center®. For more information or to schedule an appointment, call 732-497-1611.